A lifted golf car is fine for riding off-road if your trails are like golf car paths, and your idea of an obstacle is a six inch curb.  The Renegade True Four Wheel Drive Kit for Golf Cars is built for hunters and sportsmen who demand true off-road performance from an electric vehicle.  Built to fit most common golf cars, the Renegade True Four Wheel Drive Kit is a total one-stop solution to the shortcomings of a golf car used for off-road.  

First, we change the rear axle to a two speed, limited slip differential axle.  Designed exclusively for us by Axle Inc., the two-speed axle increases both speed and torque.  You can expect a 3-5 mph increase in high gear, and half speed in low.  These axles feature high/low synchronized shifting (shift while you are moving), a limited slip rear differential, and rear lift blocks installed on the axle.  (EZGO axle without 4x4 Output Gearbox shown - see the Parts and Accessories page for a picture with the 4x4 Output Gearbox installed.)


Next we take the power up front.  A 4x4 output gearbox bolts directly to the rear axle and connects to a driveshaft that carries the power forward to a front locking gear case. The front gear case is supported by a new sub-frame that has mounts for massive independent struts.  A-arms connect the bottom of the struts to the sub-frame and drive shafts slide through the struts to splined hubs.  (EZGO frame shown)


The front gear case is wired to a switch.  When 12 volts is delivered - the gear case locks in the front drive shafts.  When the switch is turned off - the drive shafts are disengaged.  Simple to install.  Simple to operate. 

True four wheel drive means that all four wheels work for you, in forward or reverse. 

Compare us to the competition: 

     1.  Is there traction supplied by both rear wheels?

     2.  Does the four wheel drive operate in reverse? 

     3.  Can you select four wheel drive only when you need it and increase range and steering ease?

     4.  Is the installation, maintenance, and repair easy and straightforward? 

     5.  Do you have more torque, more traction, and more ground clearance?  

Yes to all five - the Renegade True Four Wheel Drive Kit

True Four Wheel Drive Kits available for:  Club Car DS 96 + Newer

                                                                   Club Car Precedent

                                                                   EZGO 1996 - 2001 TXT

                                                                   EZGO 2001 + Newer TXT



What's in your drivetrain?

‚ÄčE-Z-GO TXT with 4x4 Kit and Front Brush Guard.

EZGO TXT with Four Wheel Drive Kit and Front Brush Guard with Fairlead Plate.