Installation Notes:    

1.  Heavy Duty Springs are recommended.

​2.  Cut-in Lights for an E-Z-GO front hood will interfere with the strut holder. We recommend a brush guard with LED lights.

Safety - Installation and Operation: 

Golf Cars are recommended for use by those aged 16 years and older who hold a valid drivers license.  Golf cars can be hazardous to operate and drivers need to respect that any vehicle can cause serious injury or death.  Never have more than two persons on the golf car at any time. Never engage in stunt driving or drive on public roads. Avoid excessive speeds, especially going down hill and on difficult or rough terrain. Never  operate any vehicle while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.  Installing this kit should be performed by a professional. The kit purchaser assumes sole and entire responsibility for, and shall indemnify and hold harmless Renegade Distributing from any and all claims, liability, responsibility, and damage, or any costs or expenses resulting from any loss of life or injuries or claimed injuries to persons or property that may be sustained in connection with the use of this kit before or after purchase.

If you do not agree to follow these recommendations and take personal responsibility for proper operation of the golf car please do not install the kit and return it to the dealer. 

Oil Capacities:     Rear Gearcase - 1 Quart 80W90 Gear Oil*.

                             4x4 Gearbox - 4-5 ounces 80W90 Gear Oil

​                             Front Gearcase - 5 ounces Mobil 424 or Polaris Demand Drive fluid

​*If limited slip differentials are not smooth, add ​a limited slip gear oil additive.

Assembly Manuals