Ball joints - 121-BJ - $39.95.  Fits all Renegade Distributing and Stealth with Imaginative strut holders.

Halfshafts #1121-A.  $275.  Fits Stealth and Renegade Distributing kits with gearcase spacers.  

Strut Assembly - above left - Includes bearings, ball joint, spring, and shock.  Shipped assembled.  Right or left. $415 

Strut Sub Assembly - lower left - Includes bearings only.  Right or left.  $218.50.

​See Contact page for ordering details

​Hub # 1921:  $72.95  Fits Renegade Kits and Stealth models that use Imaginative strut holders.  

Axles, gearcases and driveshafts

​Wheel Bearing #GCC-BERG-003:  $12.95  Fits Renegade Kits and Stealth models that use Imaginative.strut holders

$395 - Includes extension.

Stainless Steel dash for EZGO.  Create a solid foundation for switches and other gadgets.  Pre-drilled for mounting and holes for 4 toggle switches.  $39.95

Optional Front Brush Guard Mount Plate

with 2" Receiver.  Fits all brush guards.  Specify fitment.  $89.95

​Half shafts #1121:  $275.  Fits all Renegade Distributing Kits.  

​Two speed, limited slip axles.  20-1 Low and 10-1 High.  Complete including new brakes, and a 6" lift built in.  Fits EZGO TXT, Club Car DS and Precedent.  ​$1595 includes column shifter.  (Shown with optional 4x4 Output Gearbox:  $300.) 

These new steering racks replace the ones used for our 4x4 kits and Stealth.  They bolt up exactly like the original, but the pinion gear shaft is larger, so you will need a new steering rack extension.  The extension in the middle fits most Stealth* and Club Car, and the one in the foreground is for EZGO.  ​We do stock replacement  parts for these racks.     


*Please measure your Stealth steering extensions before ordering.  Some Stealth models require a 19" shaft. 

19" extensions are $20 extra.  

Imaginative strut holders are identified by the manufacturer's name cast into the strut holder.  

Steering Parts

Shocks - GCC-SHCK-001 - $89.95.  Fits all Renegade Distributing and Stealth ​with Imaginative strut holders.  

Front Suspension Parts

Winch Installation using our 2" Receiver and Custom winch cradle.

​CV Boot Kits.  $29.95 

#85-0900  Fits all Renegade Distributing, and Stealth outboard CV joints.

#85-0914  Fits inboard CV joint on Halfshafts #1121-A.

Winch Cover Plate and Fairlead Mount.  Protect your winch and add strength to your front brush guard with this plate. $39.95